Callaghan Consulting Solutions

Social Media (Business) Cards

The traditional business card and the information in your email signature, aside from giving basic contact information, do nothing to help someone get to know you better. This can be a real disadvantage in today's social media-oriented world. The fact is that these days you have to go beyond the traditional to draw and attention to yourself (and your company) and explain what you can offer.

The Social Media Card, which can be created in multiple languages, allows you to introduce yourself in a short video and gives people your profile and social media channels (such as Twitter, Linkedin) all in one place. This powerful card can be hosted on our platform and can be easily embedded in your website, linked to from your email signature and it is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Other features can include Google Analytics to help you see who is viewing your card and a 'Get Updates' function to keep your contacts up-to-date. We can create a card for you which does all of the above on short turnaround and for a relatively modest budget.

Take a look at some of the Social Media Business Cards we've created for customers and discover why they can help you make a great first impression and keep you top-of-mind.