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Easy Embed Video Player

While increasing numbers of corporate videos are being created very few of these videos are actually being showcased on company websites. This contributes to the fact that companies are not fully leveraging the videos they create. Even in the cases where companies are including video on their website it is often the case that the video player is not branded according to corporate design guidelines, the video is too small in the page and that the video player is not compatible with all the latest devices, particularly mobile devices.

CCS saw that its customers needed support in getting their videos easily and cost-effectively on their websites. Our Easy Embed Video Player contains videos, document links and social media content and can be embedded into a company website without any hassle. Specifically, we style the player according to your look and feel, add and update content and provide you with iframe code which you simply insert into your website. We host the player content and so whenever we make changes these changes are seen in real-time on your website.

Cadence Academic Network embedded player as seen on

Features in overview:

The benefit using the CCS Easy Embed Player solution is that you can quickly and cost-effectively place video on your website without worrying about all of the technical and maintenance issues. We take care of this for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Take a look at a video player we developed for our customer Cadence. The link in the caption will take you to the Cadence website where the video player has been embedded.