Callaghan Consulting Solutions

Digital Channels

A new trend is for companies to present their multimedia content (videos, documents, social media content) on branded digital channels. These channels (also known as platforms) often focus on a specific topic such as a company event, industry insights geared toward a specific audience or are focused on corporate publishing topics. Content on these channels is updated regularly so as to build a long-term relationship with visitors who regularly return for the latest videos and other content. Digital channels are commonly found on the internet, but are also increasingly being designed for internal audiences and are shown on a company's intranet.

CCS has created digital channels for a companies such as Linde, Deloitte, Tech Data, Cadence and Text100. In doing so we help to conceptualize the channels, design them, maintain them and very often create video and social media document content. These channels can be hosted on our platform and are linked to from a company's website or a company can host the channel itself. Additionally, the channels usually incorporate Google Analytics to measure visitor traffic and interaction.

Visitor statistics and enthusiastic feedback demonstrate the effectiveness of digital channels. Take a look at some of the channels we have created to find out why.