Callaghan Consulting Solutions

Video Promotion

Too often when a corporate video is completed and uploaded the project is considered to be finished. In fact, the effective promotion of a video is just as crucial to the success of a video as is the quality of the video itself (in some cases even more so).

CCS works closely with its customers to make sure that the completed video is seen by as many people in the customer's target audience as possible. This promotional activity does not have to involve a large budget, but instead focuses on using available low or no-cost communication channels to draw attention to a video. These include, for example, social media channels, partner networks and company platforms. In addition, using our Easy Embed Video Player solution, we help you get your video in multiple suitable locations on the internet, thereby making it easier for people to find and watch it.

When you work with CCS to promote your video or video series we supply you with the checklist and help you work through it. It's as simple as that. The results speak for themselves.

Monitoring & Results Analysis

Understanding how well a video has performed in quantitative (hits) and qualitative terms (customer feedback) is crucial for measuring success and informing future projects. Consequently, monitoring and analyzing video effectiveness is essential.

CCS supports its customers by providing meaningful reports on video performance which are easy-to-understand and provide takeaways. In monitoring video results we go deep into analytics (i.e. Google and YouTube analytics) and look at some of the key metrics to help you understand the performance of your content including viewer demographics, traffic sources, etc. We help you understand whether your video has performed well, underperformed or outperformed. We will also help you to understand why a video performed the way it did (i.e. what went right, what could have been better) and provide insights which can be applied to future projects.

We recommend that every company producing videos put in place a system for measuring and analyzing performance. To learn more about how we help our customers please contact CCS.