Callaghan Consulting Solutions

CCS - The Story so far

Based in Munich, Germany and with an international network of collaborators, CCS is a digital agency which has served large international customers as well as small and medium-sized companies since it its inception in 2004. Over that time CCS has developed from a mainly local-focused producer of multimedia documents to a company which serves companies worldwide and provides a wide range of solutions including corporate videos (from commercials to event videos), strategic digital consulting and a variety of technical solutions to help companies showcase their multimedia content online.

CCS was founded by Chris Callaghan who had a vision for how video could play an important role in everyday business communications and over the past several years the company has successfully worked to realize this vision. CCS is proud of the fact that it works closely with some of the world's leading and most innovative companies to help them develop and deliver digital content for both external and internal audiences.

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